Invoice Finance

Improve your cash flow with invoice finance

Invoice finance enables businesses that sell products and services to other businesses, to unlock the value of their invoices.

It is a discreet and cheaper alternative to a business overdraft. Your customers will never know you have borrowed against their invoices.

With many companies extending their payment terms to 30, 60, 90 or, in some cases, 120 days, businesses are waiting longer to get paid by their customers. This extended wait results in businesses struggling to meet their commitments to suppliers and staff. This is where invoice finance can help.

Invoice finance is not just about freeing up cash flow, it’s about bringing peace of mind to your business journey.

Get your hands on the money you are owed quicker

With invoice finance, you can release up to 90% of an invoice’s value as soon as it has been sent to a customer, relieving pressure on the business and bridging the cash flow gap.

Invoice finance does more than aid cash flow, however, it can also help your business to grow. The money released from your invoices can be used to purchase equipment, stock, machinery or even to recruit a new employee. As sales grow, so do the value of invoices and the amount of funding which can be released.

How invoice finance works with Corporate Business Loans

  • Raise an invoice to your client/customer in the usual way, detailing how much is due and the date payment is due.

  • Send us a copy of the invoice and we will then pay the agreed value into your account within 24 hours.

  • When the invoice is paid and we have received funds from your client/customer, we will deduct the prearranged fees and forward the remaining balance to you.

Instant access to funds with added risk protection

Invoice finance comes with credit protection features. In the event of non-payment by the client, we can absorb the risk, providing a safety net for your business.

By outsourcing the management of receivables and cash flow to a financing provider, you can focus your time and resources on your core operations, growth strategies, and client relationships.

The beauty of invoice finance is that it’s available to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses can also leverage this solution to address cash flow challenges and foster sustainable growth.

Unlike traditional loans, invoice finance is not a form of debt. You are essentially advancing funds tied up in your accounts receivable, making it a more flexible and efficient financing option.

With so many benefits, invoice finance is an essential consideration if you are looking to grow and sustain your business.

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