A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is an unsecured loan based on the card income, rather than the turnover, of a business.

A MCA is an advance of future card income which, unlike a bank loan, does not have a set repayment term, interest rate, administration rate or exit fees.

How Much Can You Borrow?

The amount of the advance is, usually, up to 100% of the average monthly card income based on the previous 12 months. So, if a business received £240,000 via card payments in the last 12 months, then they could get and advance of £20,000. The minimum advance available is £10,000 so a minimum annual card income is £120,000. The maximum advance is £300,000. However, a higher level of underwriting is required for any advance of £100,000, or more.

What Is The Interest Rate?

For a Merchant Cash Advance, the Lenders do not charge interest. Instead, they charge one all-inclusive fee which covers the interest and administration charges. There are also no exit fees or penalties for early repayment as there isn’t a set repayment term.


Rather than having a set repayment amount every week, or month, a Working Capital Advance is repaid as an agreed percentage of your daily card income. Therefore, you repay more when you are busy and less during quiet periods.

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